Video: Laugh & Play Together

12 ideas to jumpstart the fun in your relationship—both inside and outside the bedroom

Studies show that couples who laugh together last together. Shared laughter has a positive effect on relationship satisfaction. And... laughter can lead the way to play.

During my career as a sex therapist I have helped hundreds of couples put laughter and playfulness into their relationship—especially their sexual relationship. Yes, sex is play!

So here are a few suggestions about how you can jumpstart the fun.

A good way to begin? Watch some funny movies on TV or some stand-up comedy shows on YouTube. Even do laughter yoga, which can be very therapeutic.

Try dancing together. It’s a surefire way to get into your body and into your playful selves. Dance to favorite tunes you enjoyed together when you first met. Even do a striptease for your lover as an exciting prelude to sex.

Play some sexy games together, such as the board game An Enchanting Evening. Engage in some role-play scenarios, where you can explore unexpressed fantasies or assume personas that might turn you on, and your partner, too.

Or just get silly and playful with each other. Have a pillow fight. Build a blanket fort and snuggle up in your own little world together. Get messy with finger paints and body painting, too. Soak in a bubble bath together while you feed each other finger food.

There are endless ways to engage in laughter and play together. I hope you’ll take the plunge and let your inner child come out to play. There’s a wonderland of sensual pleasure and sexual delight waiting for you.

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