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  • 10/6/20: Love, Lust & Laughter: Dr. Diana was joined by sex therapist Dr. Ashley Mader to explore the psychological concept of differentiation popularized by Dr. David Schnarch. Listen to the interview here.

  • 9/15/20: Love, Lust & Laughter: Dr. Carol Queen, staff sexologist at Good Vibrations, joined Dr. Diana to discuss a number of topics, including the increased sales and use of sex toys during the pandemic. Listen to the interview here.

  • 9/1/20: Love, Lust & Laughter: Dr. Diana and her guest sex therapist Dr. Lori Buckly talked about the importance of play in a healthy sexual relationship. Listen to the interview here.

  • 8/18/20: Love, Lust & Laughter: Dr. Diana and her guest, sex therapist Dr. Ashley Mader, discuss the pros and cons of couples using cannabis to enhance their sexual relationship. Listen to the interview here.

  • 8/4/20: Love, Lust & Laughter: Sex therapist Dr. Ashley Mader and Dr. Diana discuss outdated expectations about senior sex and promote new ways to celebrate sexuality throughout the later years. Listen to the interview here.

  • 7/21/20: Love, Lust & Laughter: Dr. Lori Buckley, founder of "Stuff of Love," and Dr. Diana discuss sex toys and lotions that can enhance a couple's connection. Listen to the interview here.

  • 6/30/20: Love, Lust & Laughter: Patricia Raskin, host of the Positive Living Show, and Dr. Diana discuss finding resilience, forgiveness, and love in the time of corona. Listen to the interview here.

  • 6/16/20: Love, Lust & Laughter: Dr. Carol Queen, author of Exhibitionism for the Shy, and Dr. Diana discuss how exhibitionism is a consensual erotic pleasure that can help you overcome shyness and body image issues. Listen to the interview here.

  • 6/2/20: Love, Lust & Laughter – Dr. Carol Queen author of The Sex & Pleasure Book and Dr. Diana  have great solutions for some stress relief! Listen to the interview here.

  • 5/19/20: Love, Lust & Laughter – Guest host Dr. Lori Buckley interviews Dr. Diana and her husband Bryan about her new book Love in the Time of Corona. Listen to the interview here.


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